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Life Insurance

Protecting your future

Borrowing money from your mortgage lender is a big financial commitment, and you’ll want to know that your family can remain in the property you have purchased should the worst happen and you become terminally ill or even worse die. This is where life insurance comes in.

There are many types of life insurance policy but the main ones are Level Term Assurance, Decreasing Term Assurance, Whole of Life and Family Income Benefit. The amount you will pay for these different types of insurance will depend on the amount of cover, term, your age, your current health status and whether you are a smoker or non smoker.

Because of the many different types of cover, it is hardly surprising that most people who try to buy life insurance themselves often get it wrong and there are countless examples of people not being adequately insured when they need it most. For this reason  we believe that if you are considering taking out Life Insurance, you should seek expert advice, which is where we come in.

Derby Financial Services advisers have many years of experience in making the right recommendations to protect you and your family at what is undoubtedly a very stressful time. Call us today and receive specialist advice either face to face of over the phone on 01332 678 081.