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Business Protection

We offer specialists advice and recommendations for Business Protection to companies within Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and all over the UK.

The types of Business Protection that Derby Financial Services offer specialist advice include Shareholder Protection, Key Person Insurance / Keyman Insurance, Relevant Life Policies and Public Liability Insurance.

We are dedicated to making Business Protection straightforward and hassle free, whilst ensuring that if your business has a major set back, you are adequately covered so that business can continue as normal.

What is business protection?

Business protection is designed to help businesses continue to trade should a key person or business owner die or become terminally or critically* ill. Proceeds from the policy could help ensure that key individuals are replaced, corporate debt is protected and shares from the deceased partner’s/director’s estate are purchased.

Many believe arranging business protection to be a lengthy and complicated process. But actually, the principles are similar to any other type of protection.

The most significant differences are:

  • Business protection generally incorporates higher sums assured.
  • A claim may be paid to a business, not a family member.


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